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Do you want me to help you move abroad? 

I’ve helped many people like you move overseas and create a life of financial and personal freedom. 

Dear future Foreigner, 

Don’t fret! I have been exactly where you are: looking to move abroad and live a better life. 

What is another thing I have learned? I learned that I could have accomplished my goals years earlier by simply trusting the right expert to help me. 

Here’s the cold hard truth…every day you don’t move abroad, is another day you are unhappy

You are stuck reading information online that may be outdated, getting tons of conflicting information, calling random lawyers, and chasing your tail…rarely making the progress you deserve, want, and need

Are YOU ready to change your life and build a life of freedom and happiness

People always tell me “Elyse, I am different! I take action on something I want to do!”…No, you don’t. Then you proceed to waste more time, my time, other people’s time, make excuses, and ask the wrong questions. 

I have developed a process that gets you abroad, but also holds you accountable to achieving your goal of moving abroad by preventing you from doing what has failed for others. 

I have set aside some time to speak to true action takers. If you are ready to skip the nonsense and get right to “Being A Foreigner”, then I am here to help. 

Unlike others, I spend most of life actually doing this stuff – Being A Foreigner! 

If you would like to be considered to work with me, I have an application process with some important questions of my own for you.

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