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To Be A Foreigner is an amazing experience and everyone should experience it. Whether you would love to sit on the beach in Bali while coding or learning a language in the morning and visiting the Great Wall of China in the afternoon…moving abroad is something YOU MUST DO!

All I hear is, “How do I move abroad?” or “I don’t know where to start on finding a job overseas”. Well, I created this web site to fix that problem. Finding paid work is the first step! I load up this web site Monday through Friday with opportunities that include: fellowships, scholarships, remote work, and job opportunities in various industries (IT, human resources, accounting, writing, medical, etc.) all over the world.

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Why was this website created?
There is no consolidated way to find opportunities to move overseas.

As a Foreigner myself, I constantly get asked how I was able to move overseas. I wanted to create various resources for those that want to move overseas and don't know how.

BeAForeigner is the resource.

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Who is the founder?
You can find out more information about Elyse Y. Robinson, the founder here.

What are some resources to help me move overseas?
The Blog
The Podcast
Youtube Channel
Resume Writing Help


What is BeAForeigner?
BeAForeigner provides individuals wanting to live overseas a one-stop shop for finding that special opportunity.

Who are foreigners?
A foreigner is someone who left their home country to live in another country.

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What does it mean to be a foreigner?
It is an amazing experience! To move to a new country and experience everything that a new culture offers is a dream come true.

Can I trust your listings? Are they credible?
At BeAForeigner you will find only reliable opportunities to move abroad. But, please do your due diligence when accepting an offer to move overseas.

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Are these opportunities just for United States citizens?
No! The fellowships and scholarships are definitely open to everyone around the world. Visa sponsorship can be tricky but it never hurts to apply and see what happens. Remote work is open to everyone unless specified.


How can BeAForeigner help?
BeAForeigner gets worldwide traffic from all over the world every single day of individuals wanting to move overseas.

How much does it cost to list an opportunity on BeAForeigner?
One opportunity posting costs $99 per month.

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What is requested to write in an opportunity post?
It is essential to describe the type of opportunity it is, the opportunity's requirements, and if the position will sponsor a visa or is fully remote. Other information is up to you, but keep in mind that the more attractive offers bring more qualified applicants.

Is it possible to edit my opportunity posting when it´s already online?
You can easily edit your opportunity posts by email.

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