Director of Community Investment

Posted: Mar 3, 2020
Company: Wikimedia Foundation
Location: Remote
Type: Business
Expires: Unknown

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Wikipedia and its sister projects are created by volunteers. They curate the knowledge that the world has come to rely on. The Director of Community Investment is charged with developing a grantmaking strategy to 1) Grow our communities of volunteers, especially in places in the world that are just coming online, 2) Empower our existing communities to be more effective in their work and 3) Ensure that community investments are made more equitably around the world. You will do this by making grants to our Wikimedia affiliates, free knowledge ecosystem partners and individuals, with an emphasis on those who are organizing seedling efforts to sprout communities in emerging parts of the world.

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This position plays a critical role in helping the Foundation reach our priority of creating a Thriving Movement - where we are actively welcoming and supporting diverse volunteer communities, both new and existing. In addition, our global communities are completing a 10-year movement strategy, which calls for new investment, the consideration of models that engage local communities directly in investment decisions, enhanced processes for accountability, effectiveness, and the evaluation of impact in grantmaking, and a more equitable distribution of investments globally. The Director of Community Investment will also help the Wikimedia Foundation reach our content growth and diversity goals by identifying and supporting the most effective community initiatives.

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We are looking for a leader with direct experience growing volunteer movements that span cultures and communities, and a detailed understanding of the challenges and opportunities volunteer leaders face. The successful candidate will have a hands-on understanding of what it takes to recruit, train, inspire, and support volunteers around the world and the unique contexts for their work. The Director of Community Investment will be highly skilled at identifying and supporting talented volunteer leaders and helping them thrive in the Wikimedia movement.

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You are responsible for:
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