International Student Festival of HARKAT, Iran

Posted: Mar 4, 2020
Company: Harkat Festival
Location: Tehran, Iran
Type: Conference
Expires: Mar 10, 2020

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International Student Festival of HARKAT is the largest student event in Iran. The festival is organized by Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology of Iran and hosted by different universities since 2008. The concept of the festival is to gather students from different parts of the world in a combination of a festival and an exhibition. The festival aims at encouraging student projects and activities, fostering inspiration and being a starting point for international cooperation amongst students. The festival is open for students from all over the world and is a meeting platform for young people with different scientific and cultural backgrounds. It is a place where young people get to know each other, establish new friendships and discuss various topics, from different points of view. The last year 85 students from 54 different countries and 300 students from Iran participated in the festival, which was hosted by University of Isfahan. This festival is a place to experience unforgettable moments, meet new friends and learn about different cultures in an interesting and unique way. This international youth event will include workshops and the meetings in addition to the cultural program.

In 2020, the festival will be hosted in Tabriz and jointly organized by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran and Western Asian Development Institute.

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To find more information
Web page:
Instagram: @wadi.iran

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