Zhejiang Gongshang University Scholarship

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Zhejiang Gongshang University Scholarship
Zhejiang Gongshang UniversityEducationScholarshipHangzhouChina
Types of


Qualified applicants Amount(RMB yuan)
Enrolled Degree Student The degree students who are already enrolled, have outstanding academic performance  First Prize: 70% of Tuition fees
 Second Prize: 50% of Tuition fees
 Third Prize: 30% of Tuition fees
New Degree Student The degree students who are newly enrolled  First Prize: 100% of Tuition fees
 Second Prize: 70% of Tuition fees
 Third Prize: 40% of Tuition fees
New Chinese Language Student Newly enrolled Chinese Language Students  First Prize: 4,000
 Second Prize: 3,000
 Third Prize: 2,000
Enrolled Chinese Language Student Scores for all classes above or at least 90,attendance rate was above 90% in last semester,active in all kinds of activities. Scholarship for Outstanding Student: 3000
Diligent in studies, Scores for all classes above or at least 85,attendance rate was above 95% in last semester. Scholarship of Diligent Study: 2000
Active in the cultural and sports activities organized by the University, city or provincial level organizers; bearing good moral quality, enthusiastic in social public welfare; active in the students association; other prize winner Scholarship of Arts and Sports Activities and Social Service: 1500
The students who have passed HSK 4 or above(level 5 or 6); Assessment based on higher scores and levels, no repeats for the winner. Scholarship for HSK Front-runner: 1000
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